ISO 10328 Static and Dynamic Testing

PVA and PVA Med are proud to present groundbreaking results from ISO 10328 static and dynamic testing on our 3D printed WalkStrong™ check sockets, produced using the Emergence PRO™ V3 and ClearFit™ filament.

The primary objective of the testing was to independently verify the safety of our 3D printed check sockets when professionally reinforced against the standards set in place via traditionally manufactured check sockets in dynamic fittings. Through cyclic testing, it was found that the WalkStrong™ check socket not only matched the benchmark set in place for check sockets at 80,000 cycles, but continued onward towards an astonishing 3,000,000 cycles passing the test for definitive sockets. This remarkable achievement underscores the dependability and durability of WalkStrong™ check sockets, assuring patients that each step they take is characterized by unwavering safety.

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