Carver PRO-S™

Compact Carver

The Carver PRO-S™ creates a highly efficient workflow by carving positive molds in-house. With its compact footprint, not only does it fit through a standard doorway and operate in a space with an 8-foot ceiling, but it also runs on a standard 120V/220V circuit, allowing for a stress free installation process. Streamline your practice by cutting costs and turnaround time, using the Carver PRO-S™ as a stand-alone unit or when you pair it with the Emergence PRO™ 3D Printing Platform.

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Carver PRO-S™ Workflow


  • Easily scan a patient’s residual limb, cast, or plaster mold
  • iPhone® included
  • One-year license to Comb Scanning App

iPhone® is a registered trademark of Apple



  • Upload 3D scans and modify digital model using familiar techniques
  • Accurately modify the model using our exclusive Rapid Plaster® software
  • Web-based CAD software


  • Upload .STL file to DeskProto® to convert file for carving
  • Carve mold

Carver PRO-S™ Includes

  • Carver PRO-S™
  • iPhone® and a one-year license to Comb Scanning App
  • Rapid Plaster® software with online dashboard
  • (1) DeskProto® license
  • Machine settings to get started (download)
  • (1) Short mandrel
  • (1) Long through mandrel
  • Tools to change end mill
  • Garbage bin
  • Box of bags for garbage bin
  • Brush
  • Box of foam
  • Onsite training or online training
  • Shipping in the continental United States
  • 1-year warranty

iPhone® is a registered trademark of Apple

Comb Scan App (Scan)

With easy-to-use presets that make scanning a patient’s limb fast and easy. The Comb Scan app runs on the included iPhone® ensuring that your scanner can fit in your pocket and can be always with you. Learn more about Comb.

Rapid Plaster® (Modify)

Rapid Plaster® is PVA Med’s exclusive modification software designed specifically for lower extremity prosthetics. Its easy-to-use tools and features empower clinicians to upload their 3D scans and modify digital plaster models using familiar techniques with more precision.

Rapid Plaster® is web-based and is compatible with MAC, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Carver PRO-S™ (Carve)

Produce a positive mold in-house. The Carver PRO-S™ is faster and more accurate compared to traditional fabrication and also cuts costs and turnaround time.

Training and Support

Instructor-led online classes or onsite training to get you set up and using the platform. Our global service team provides ongoing support for the life of the equipment.

Emergence PRO™ 3D Printing Platform and Carver PRO-S™ Workflow

Training and Support Included!