When success matters, clinics rely on PVA Med to deliver.

PVA Med is the only provider offering an integrated approach to streamlining the socket design and fabrication process.

We accomplish this through easy-to-learn, intuitive software for designing and 3D printing check sockets and carving positive molds supporting a variety of workflows and needs. The integrated check socket solution includes a 3D scanner, software, a totally redesigned 3D printer along with clinically tested workflows, and solution-level training and support. We also offer an integrated CAD/CAM carver solution with a 3D scanner, all covered by the same comprehensive service and support.

The PVA Med solution is backed by PVA, a company with nearly 30 years of experience in automation of material dispensing.

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Prosthetists and technicians experienced in traditional workflows can apply their plaster casting and modification skills to digital with the proper tools, training, and support. Digital workflows add tremendous value to practices by making them more efficient while providing patients with access to treatments not currently available from traditional fabrication workflows.

The PVA Med solution workflow is composed of five simple, seamless steps: Scan, Modify, Fit, Print, and Carve. Our customers also benefit from ongoing Training and Support for the life of the machine. Navigate through the tabs to explore our workflow or click below to experience the Emergence PRO 3D Printing Platform.

Emergence PRO™ 3D Printing Platform

Utilize the Comb Scan App to capture patient limb shape digitally.

  • 3D scanning takes time and plaster out of patient limb shape capture
  • Digital models are easy to compare, modify, send, store and retrieve
  • Scanning provides the accuracy and detail needed for digital check socket design

Import the limb shape into Rapid Plaster® Software to create a digital positive model that can be easily rectified.

  • Rapid Plaster® imports raw scans and provides tools to isolate and rectify the model
  • Templates for brims and distal attachments streamline check socket design
  • Designs are converted into 3D printable files simply by selecting a profile

Convert the model into a 3D printable check socket, optimized for printing on the Emergence PRO™ 3D Printer with a few simple clicks.

  • Print jobs can be submitted to the Emergence PRO™ 3D Printer online
  • Pre-configured profiles take all the guesswork out of 3D printing
  • Consistent results enable reliable automation of check socket fabrication

Attach componentry necessary for a dynamic fitting using the WalkStrong™ Check Socket.

  • WalkStrong™ socket design make safe dynamic fittings possible
  • Reinforced ribs provide needed strength at the distal transition
  • Many prosthetists fit WalkStrong™ check sockets without reinforcement

After verifying the shape through check socket fittings, carve a lamination mold for definitive sockets on the Carver PRO-S™.

  • Easy to convert STL file to a file for the carver
  • Carver PRO-S™ comes with pre-configured settings for BK and AK molds
  • Deployment ready with the carver’s compact size and 120V/220V requirements

PVA Med proudly offers lifetime training and support.

  • Solution level training covers all aspects of the check socket workflow
  • Support is US based and covers installation, operation, and maintenance
  • PVA Med provides a single point of support and accountability for success


"The combination of PVA Med’s Carver PRO-S™ and the Emergence PRO™ 3D printer has been a great addition to our business. Its space saving design and ease of use has increased our productivity and kept our material waste to a minimum."
Robert Manfredi
Manfredi O&P
"As for the latest technology I used, 3D printing, it saves on practitioner fabrication time and material cost, it makes good practitioners even better, it speeds the entire process along allowing for faster billings and on and on…"
Rod O’Connor
Retired Owner and Prosthetist
"Thank you PVA Med for your fast response and help and for making it easy to implement 3D printing check sockets into our practice. "
Erik Nesbit, NPT, CFo
Leimkuehler Prosthetics & Orthotics

Carver PRO-S™

Bringing Your Carving In-House is Now a Real Possibility.

Fits Through a Standard Door (72 in H x 53 in W x 30 in D)
Operates within an 8-foot Ceiling
Powered by a Standard 120V Outlet
Accessible Price Point
Manufactured and Supported in the US

Package Includes:
Carver PRO-S™
iPhone® with 1 Year Comb Scan License
CAD/CAM Software
Everything to Get Started

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