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Mission Ukraine and PVA Med

PVA Med was founded with the sole idea of helping people and through our support of Mission Ukraine, we are taking that philosophy to the next level.

Mission Ukraine was started in response to the ongoing war by Katie Leatherwood, CPO. Katie had always searched for a way to use her talents in prosthetics and science to spark good in the world and help others. Once conflict broke out in Ukraine, Katie, based in Latvia, had begun an outreach mission to bring over Ukrainian soldiers and civilians who’ve been wounded and provide them with high-quality, custom-made prosthetics – free of charge. 

However, getting to Latvia to receive their new prosthetic is often more challenging than adapting to life with it. While supported by Mission Ukraine, patients have had to make journeys upwards of 25 hours long, navigating war-torn regions and enemy territory to get to Mission Ukraine’s main office. The arduous journey is also underlined by coming to terms with their new life as an amputee and all the new challenges that come with it. For those that make it to Katie in Latvia, their lives have been transformed, and oftentimes are ready to go home in 3-6 weeks.

In doing what we can to help, PVA Med is donating an Emergence PRO™ 3D Printer to Mission Ukraine’s main office in Latvia. The printer will aid in creating prosthetics for those that need them the most and help patients return home, or back to the battlefield, with new confidence. 

PVA Med will be in close contact with Katie and Mission Ukraine over the following months as we work to get the printer to Latvia safely, virtually provide training and other support to the team, and continually see how Mission Ukraine is progressing.  

Learn more about Mission Ukraine here and donate online: